Best Hotels in Hyderabad in Your Budget

One of the major expenses in any tour is the accommodation part. The budget depends from person to person. We shall go by the average Indian middle-class budget. Any middle-class family would not like to spend more than Rs 2000 per night in a hotel room. We look at the cheap resorts in Hyderabad that satisfy this criterion. You will be happy to note that you have a lot of hotels satisfying this condition.

a)     Hotel Tanisha

One of the principal requisites for classification as a good resort is that it should have its own dining facilities. This enables the guests to order their food from their rooms. They can expect quick service at Hotel Tanisha because it has a restaurant that is capable of serving several cuisines. Located close to Hussain Sagar Lake (about 7 km), this hotel provides all the amenities you expect a middle-class hotel to provide. … Read More

Lead conversion: locate and define

Lead management systems are used in an effort to convert leads to tangible sales. This is more difficult than it sounds – especially when it comes to internet sales! Digital marketing can revolutionise the way you do business if you find a way to make sure your efforts do not go to waste and that all interested buyers become happy customers.

Define your Leads

First you need to define what your perfect lead would be. Pinpoint the problems and interests of a typical lead. This will allow you to determine how to brand your products or services to attract customers and clients. In most cases this would be a lengthy task but with Leadtrekker the process is streamlined which makes it incredibly efficient. Leadtrekker has the ability to show you where the strongest and weakest leads are coming from. When you can clearly see your sales lead sources, you can … Read More