Lead conversion: locate and define

Lead management systems are used in an effort to convert leads to tangible sales. This is more difficult than it sounds – especially when it comes to internet sales! Digital marketing can revolutionise the way you do business if you find a way to make sure your efforts do not go to waste and that all interested buyers become happy customers.

Define your Leads

First you need to define what your perfect lead would be. Pinpoint the problems and interests of a typical lead. This will allow you to determine how to brand your products or services to attract customers and clients. In most cases this would be a lengthy task but with Leadtrekker the process is streamlined which makes it incredibly efficient. Leadtrekker has the ability to show you where the strongest and weakest leads are coming from. When you can clearly see your sales lead sources, you can fine-tune your strategy going forward.

Track your data-driven digital marketing efforts

When you are running campaigns for SEO, email marketing or social media marketing, you want to see results. This puts a lot of pressure on your digital marketing team unless of course you have a lead management system to interpret the data in a way that is easily understandable. With a leads management tool you can see what percentage of leads generation was as a result of data-driven campaigns and how effective they are.

You may see that your business’s target market is more focussed on LinkedIn than Facebook which you would not have known had you not used a simple leads management system. Now you can trace the sales lead sources in order to refocus or simply affirm how effective your lead generation techniques, in conjunction with a lead management system, work to increase lead conversion rate.

Nurturing leads is crucial for conversion

Because of how much time, effort and money goes into generating and capturing a lead, you need to be sure your marketing and sales team is ready to be accountable for their leads. Leadtrekker makes this effortless with automated lead assignment and lead generation techniques. Try it for free!